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Fire Extinguisher is being used as a compulsory product in almost every place. We are leading Fire safety product seller in Patna Bihar since last two decades. We have working experience in Fire safety in Schools, Hospitals, malls, apartments, government offices etc. Using best quality chemicals an products in making any fire safety equipment is very important because even an expert can't do better without good quality products. That's why our fire Extinguisher products are well tested and QR passed before going for sell.

Why Fire Extinguisher By GLOBAL IT ZONE

We “GLOBAL IT ZONE” are one of the renowned Distributor, service providers and traders of high performing range of fire extinguishers. With great pleasure we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of ISI & CE mark Fire Extinguishers of various types and capacity . Also we are undertaking turnkey projects of Fire Protection system like Co2 Flooding system, Clean Agent System (FM-200/FE 227E), Fire Hydrant System, MVWS System, HVWS System, Fire Alarm System, etc., dealers for signage, safety devices. The Company is managed by qualified technocrats with around 20 years of experience along with experienced engineers and technicians with all machines and testing facilities of our own in Patna Bihar. We also deal in Smoke Detectors and Hotters for it.

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We are Fire Control Specialist

Most bus fires start in engine compart-ments and surrounding areas. A tested and classified fire suppression system in combination with good fire detection, is the best first response in case of an emergency, Dafo Forrex Fire Suppression System get activated by heat detector when the temperature reach 1 800C. The Dafo system is developed to use worldwide in both cold and hot climate and designed after the Swedish guideline SBF 1 28, which requires 3L extinguishing agent for 1 m3 protected space. It means, we leave nothing to chances, safety first! The Dafo system is designed to avoid false releases – one of many special qualities. Fire is indicated by a linear heat detector wire (1) that sends a signal to the actuator (2) which punctures the propellant gas cartridge (3) and releases nitrogen to the agent container (4) that distributes the Forrex liquid tothe nozzles (5) through the pipe system. At the same time the alarm system is activated, an alarm horn (6) in the bus and a light signal in the panel will warn the driver (7).

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Our Services and Fire Safety Products

We, GLOBAL IT ZONE is a Leading Mfg. & Supplier, Trader & Services Provider of all Types of Fire Extinguishers. We specialize in ABC Type Fire Extinguishers, CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Hydrant Valve, Coupling, Branch Pipe, RRL Hose, Electrical Siren and Clean Agent. We are Importers of Gas Leak Detector and all types of accessories of fire extinguishers like ABC Valves, Pressure Gauge, Modular Valves, Discharge Hose Pipes etc. Our Fire Extinguishers are Conforming to IS 15683:2006 and Our Complete Range of Products are Conforming to European Standards. Promoted by a team of highly experienced professionals in the Fire Fighting Equipment Industry and backed by world's most advanced management information system, we are fully capable to meet the specific requirements of the latest world. SAFETY PLUS is ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company from Quality Management System and best known for its quality products. We at GLOBAL IT ZONE take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a hardcore professional outfit with an insight into a customer's requirement. We are passionate about customer care & satisfaction and have successfully been providing our services with the right blend of quality and economy.

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Fire Extinguishers products in patna bihar

Types of Fire Safety Products

There are many different types of fire safety equipment. Each device is designed specifically to deal with the different classes of fire in a range of environments. If you’re struggling to figure out which fire safety devices you need in your building. These are Fire Extinguishers( water,foam, dry powder, CO2 wet chemical ), Fire Blankets, Fire Hose Reels, Signage, Sprinklers, First Aid Kits, Emergency & Exit Signs, Smoke Alarms... We have described all these kind of Fire Safety Products in our blog section. Our customers and dealers can call us and get quotations about there requirements on any company number or can mail us on info@globalitzone.in. We also provide Fire Safety products to our customers like school, hospitals and malls on EMI Basis.

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Fire Extinguisher 4kg, 6kg, 4.5 kg, co2 fire extinguisher products in patna Bihar
  • Our Fire Sefety Devices
  • Fire Extinguishers( water,foam, dry powder, CO2 wet chemical ), Fire Blankets - Fire Hose Reels - Signage - Sprinklers, First Aid Kits, Emergency & Exit Signs, Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Hose Reels - Signage - Sprinklers, First Aid Kits, Emergency & Exit Signs, Smoke Alarms
  •       Schools - Hospitals - Malls - Buses - Trucks - Ware House
  •         Gaseous Suppression System - Foam Suppression System - Fire Alarm and Fire Detection - Kitchen Fire Suppression System
  • Portable 500 Gram Capacity ABC Fire Extinguisher - 9 Kg BC/ABC Cartridge Operated 6 Kg BC/ABC Cartridge Operated - 4 Kg BC/ABC Cartridge Operated - 9 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure - 6 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher
  • 6 Kg BC/ABC Cartridge Operated - 4 Kg BC/ABC Cartridge Operated - 9 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure - 6 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher
  • 4 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure - 2 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher - 1 Kg ABC/BC Stored Pressure
  • A self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA - First Aid Kit - Rescue Kit - Fall Arrestor - Fall Protection
  • Our Services
  • Aluminium Based Fire Extinguishers - Powder Based Fire Extinguishers - Water & Foam Based Fire Extinguishers
  • Clean Agent Based Fire Extinguishers - co2 Based Fire Extinguishers - Charge Control Brackers For co2 Fire Extinguishers
  • Data Recovery and Backup of big data or Database Server.
  • Automatic Modular Fire Extinguishers - UL Approved Fire Extinguishers - EN 3.7 Approved Fire Extinguishers
  • Sale and service of Networking Devices and Complete Network.
  • Trolley mounted Foam Based Fire Extinguishers - Twin 5050 Foam & Power Based Fire Extinguishers
  • CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System - KATS Fire Suppression System - F Class Kitchen Fire Extinguishers
  • Automatic modulars Kats Fire Suppression System - Compressed Air Foam System - Portable Powder Filling Equipment

Fire Extinguishers

Most buildings contain a variety of hand-held firefighting equipment. This range of equipment is designed to help contain small fires before they spread and become too large to control.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are designed to smother class F fires. That means flame that is fuelled by cooking oils and fats. Naturally, fire blankets are installed in kitchen environments, where the chance of a class F fire is the highest.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are ideal for extinguishing class A fires. That is fires that are fuelled by paper, rubber, wood, and other non-conductive materials. As fire hose reels discharge water, they cannot be used to combat electrical fires.


All fire equipment should be accompanied by standard signage. This helps users identify the location and type of equipment they can access in an emergency. There is a range of different regulations.


When it comes to the design, installation, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems in Australia, there are a number of standards that could apply to your building.

Smoke Alarms

Some types of fire safety equipment are designed for detection. Smoke alarms should be installed in all commercial and domestic buildings. If you are a landlord, the legislation for smoke alarm installation varies from state to state.